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Simplifies Marathi typing using an on-screen keyboard layout
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Multiicon - Rajkot(Guj)(Ind)

Provides an easy way to input Marathi characters through an on-screen desktop layout. It supports Human phonetic language input as well as Microsoft Word file export.

Eng2Marathi is English to Marathi typing software. Its works as you speak Marathi language. It is an Easy English to Marathi typing layout software.
Welcome to Eng2Marathi character converter software. Eng2Marathi software works as you speak Marathi language. It is very useful for your office and personal works. It has best features and also simple to use. This software solves your Marathi typing problems.

Eng2Marathi software is very useful to the people who wants to type letter or any other documents in Marathi using computer but do not know Marathi typing in computer. In Eng2Marathi there is a facility of Real Time help and full keyboard help, there is also facility of transfer to Microsoft Word

Features :
- English to Marathi Typing Editor (Human phonetic language).
- Real time Marathi typing help.
- Full Marathi Keyboard help.
- Export to Microsoft Word.
- File Save, Open facility.

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